Client Rights

It is our mission to deliver outstanding service. Here's what our clients have a right to demand and expect from us:

  1. Your success is our first priority and the primary basis upon which we will evaluate our own performance. We will know your financial situation and goals better than anyone else. No one will be more dedicated to your success.
  2. Your account will get customized advice, not "canned" packages created by mass-marketing financial firms.
  3. Our advice to you will always be in your best interest. If there is ever a conflict of interest with anything we recommend, we will disclose this to you and discuss all your other possible choices.
  4. We will not affiliate with a broker/dealer that creates its own proprietary product to sell. We will always remain independent to recommend anything that's suitable for you, the client.
  5. We will always disclose to you commissions we receive from any product we recommend.
  6. You will get statements every month when there is activity in the account, and you will get advisory performance reports every quarter.
  7. You will have access to your account online every day, where you can see trading activity, gains and losses, asset allocation reports, and have access to research.
  8. You can e-mail us anytime.
  9. Your phone calls will be returned the same business day in every possible instance, but no later than the next business day in every case.
  10. We will always follow up on any service issues to ensure your satisfaction. We will always be interested in hearing your feedback about our service and will respond to any issues you may have.
  11. You can and should call us at any time for anything concerning your financial welfare. Whether you need basic advice on financial issues or personal family matters, you can depend on us to make a meaningful contribution.
  12. Your confidentiality will be strictly maintained at all times.
  13. Your financial advice will reflect the best comprehensive, coordinated professional advice we have to offer.