Common-sense financial planning and sound investment advice is what we do best. Our asset management business is centered on providing that for you. Your goals, expectations, risk tolerance, experience, and personal approach to finances are all considered throughout our management process.

Through Economic Concepts Advisory Services, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser, and as Registered Representatives of Commonwealth Financial Network®, a Registered Investment Adviser, we offer access to the following:

  • Independent financial planning services
  • Fee-based investment advisory services
  • Individual and small business retirement planning
  • College tuition planning
  • Estate planning
  • Life, disability, and long-term care insurances

When we utilize our fee-only asset management accounts*, we are acting as an independent financial advisor and are free to choose from almost any mutual fund, stock, bond, or exchange-traded fund to find the vehicles that best suit our clients' needs. These accounts are full-service, but fee-only, which means that we will neither charge nor receive any commissions for trades that we place on your behalf (certain transaction charges may still apply).**

We are compensated based on the value of the account only, so our interests are aligned with yours—we want to see the account perform as well as possible. The conflicts of interest that could arise in a commission-based environment are eliminated.

There are situations where commission based-investment accounts may be preferred by the client or be a more appropriate alternative to a fee-based account.** These options and our method of compensation are always fully explained up front so that together we can determine what is best suited given the situation.

All meetings are confidential, and you are invited to contact us for an initial consultation.

We have frequent contact with our clients, offering regular review meetings as part of our high level of client service. We don't do any mass marketing. We are a small boutique firm that specializes in maximizing your financial potential. Because we work so closely with you, we tend to become very friendly with our clients. It's a serious business operation within a friendly atmosphere that is centered on exceptional, cost-effective performance, so you can afford to enjoy your lifestyle!

* Fee-based asset management services provided through Commonwealth Financial Network, a registered investment advisor.
** Full-service brokerage is also available for those clients who prefer a commission-based account.